NRO's Costa: Rumors About Boehner Facing A Coup Unsubstantiated


Robert Costa of National Review and Ron Meyer Jr. of a conservative group called American Majority Action weigh in on the Boehner drama on CNBC's "Kudlow Report." Meyer, whose group is working to build up momentum to oust Boehner, claims that the he will resign tomorrow rather than seek another term as Speaker of the House.

Meyer, who doesn't share his sources, says Boehner will resign as Speaker of the House. Meyer says if Boehner stays, he will be responsible for losing the House in 2014.

"My take is that before this conference, we definitely had 20 members who were willing to do this," Meyer claimed. "And the fact of the matter is that I think Boehner and the conference tried to convince people that he would be hard on spending, that he would be tough on these things. But I'm not sure that's the case. I think the point is that Speaker Boehner will lead the House GOP out of the majority in 2014."

"We will lose the 2014 election, lose the House if Boehner is Speaker," Meyer predicted.

However, Robert Costa of National Review said this is untrue and there is no substance behind Meyer's claim.

"With all due respect to my friend Ron, I'm going to have to throw a little bit of cold water on all of this anti-Boehner chatter," NRO's Costa, who is known for his insider reporting, said about a rumor that Boehner will either resign as Speaker or lose the election among House members. "Is there discontent within the rank and file Republican members in the House? Yes, there is. Is that going to be enough to mount a coup, to mount a revolt tomorrow on the House floor? I very much doubt it."

"Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, the whip, did they vote against the plan? Yes. But just because you vote against the plan doesn't mean you're about to run against the Speaker of the House of Representatives," Costa explained.

"I think there's brewing discontent among the Republicans, but Boehner is going to be fine tomorrow," Costa said. "I've heard from aides close to the Speaker that he feels very confident that when he comes to the floor tomorrow, he'll have the full support of his conference. Maybe a few people will vote present, maybe a few troublemakers will vote against him, but the majority will be with Boehner."

However, Meyer still continued to push his claim that Boehner is going down when Congress votes for a Speaker on Thursday. He says that Boehner may face opposition from 20 members out of a 234 total Republicans in the upcoming 113th Congress.

"Nobody is going to vote present. First of all, five members ran on not voting for Speaker Boehner. Five new freshmen coming in tomorrow, that will be sworn in tomorrow said that they would not vote for John Boehner for Speaker. We've heard four or five others say publicly they won't vote for John Boehner for speaker. And so, I can tell you that I've talked to enough members where there are more than 20 people considering this option. So, it's a legitimate plan," Meyer claimed.

"That's not enough," Costa said. "That's not enough to cause a real problem for Boehner."

Later, Meyer made another claim, this time about House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Meyer says there are "serious rumors" that Eric Cantor was circulating a memo in which he was seeking support in case he ran for Speaker of the House at some point.

Robert Costa again threw cold water on the rumor.

"With all due respect to my friend Ron, I've spoken to aides who are close to Leader Cantor," Costa said. "They are not working against Speaker Boehner. I think people are misinterpreting Cantor's big nay vote yesterday, which was very significant. He broke with the Speaker. But at the same time, Cantor is not a Machiavellian character at the moment, ready to risk his entire political career on January 3rd."

"As a reporter, I've been at the House caucus meetings and I have heard nothing about papers from Cantor or anything else," Costa said in his final attempt to quash unsubstantiated rumors that Boehner's speakership is in trouble or that Cantor will make an attempt at a power grab.

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