Erick Erickson: I Don't Trust Eric Cantor


Republican CNN Contributor Erick Erickson says he favors current Speaker, John Boehner, over Rep. Eric Cantor.

BLITZER: We got to go, but Erick, did you just say you think Boehner will be a better speaker than Eric Cantor?


ERICKSON: I absolutely think Boehner is better speaker than Eric Cantor. I don't trust Eric Cantor as far as I can throw him.


ERICKSON: Because go back to 2008 in the TARP vote, for Eric Cantor to stand and hold a press conference and say that the reason Republicans didn't vote for TARP initially was because Nancy Pelosi said not nice words about him. That was a little bit too opportunistic. He's been more and more opportunistic the past few years undermining John Boehner including rallying Republicans to vote for the fiscal cliff measure and at the last minute he himself turning against it.

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