Krauthammer: Obama Has Political Success On Top Of Substantive Success


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I was really fascinated by the exchange that went on on the floor of the House between Dave Camp (R-Michigan), who is the Republican Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, and Sandy Levin (D-Michigan), the Democrat who is the ranking Democrat on that committee, one of the grand old old timers in the House. And Camp, who is trying to get this thing through with the best face on it, said you know, well, this marks the end of the tax raising phase of all this, this puts a cap on it and Levin responded, in 15 seconds, in one of the sharpest remarks I ever heard from a member of the House who looks as if he is about to fall asleep, said very quietly said no, this is not the end, this is not the cap. This is the beginning of taxation.

Which echos exactly what the president said on Monday. And that one of the great objectives of Democrats here is to solve our fiscal problems overall by returning us to high tax rates, and that's where they want to go pre-Reagan. There was another really interesting exchange a little earlier at end of the hour between two leading Republicans, between Darrell Issa and, again, David Camp. Issa is against and Camp is in favor.

Obama has succeeded in splitting the Republicans, weakening them and now this has to pass the House with Democratic support which shows that Republicans have lost control of the House which was otherwise a blocking agent. Obama has had a political success on top of a substantive success.

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