Grover Norquist: Voting For Fiscal Cliff Deal Does Not Raise Taxes


GROVER NORQUIST: It’s technically not a violation of the pledge, but I understand why a lot of Republicans had said, look, even though what’s happening is the tax cuts disappear and we’re restoring them for most people, so we’re not raising taxes. We’re actually cutting taxes.


NORQUIST: Define compromise, okay? Richard Nixon and Ted Kennedy could compromise very easily. Richard Nixon wanted the government to get bigger and Ted Kennedy wanted it to get much bigger. And they compromised every year somewhere between bigger and much bigger and each one said, see, I did the best I could.

Today, however, we have two parties that are no longer regional parties -- North versus South -- but actually committed to principles. The Democrats have an expansive view of the role of government. They want higher taxes in order to spend more money. The Republicans want lower taxes and spending less money. If somebody wants to go east and somebody wants to go west, what would a compromise be?

I'm in favor of compromising in the direction of liberty. We had a compromise in 2011. Republicans wanted to cut spending $6 trillion, the Ryan plan, and we agreed to $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. That was a compromise. We wanted more spending, we got less because Obama wouldn't support more spending reduction. So you can have compromise in the direction of liberty, but raising taxes and spending more money, which is what Obama wants to do is moving away from liberty, that's not compromising for the American people. That's losing.


NORQUIST: They need to be able to say with a straight face they fought to protect those tax cuts for everyone and all the Republicans in the House have done that more than once, and that they’re fighting to oppose any and all tax increases, period.

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