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GOP Congressman Supports Fiscal Cliff Bill: "No Question About It"

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) joins MSNBC to discuss where he stands on a Senate-approved fiscal deal.

REP. TOM COLE: We're very late in the process for anything to be added to what's essentially a bipartisan agreement. This is, honestly, I would argue from a Republican perspective, it's a compromise. You didn't get everything you wanted, but when you can make 85% of the Bush tax cuts secure for 98% of the American people, give everybody rate certainty, and basically take the revenue piece off the table in our negotiations going forward. We ought to take this deal right now and we'll live to fight another day, and it's coming very soon on the spending front.

MSNBC HOST: It sounds like you're leaning towards voting to approve the Senate bill as it stands.

COLE: I certainly would do that, no question about it. Both my Senators -- Senator Coburn and Senator Inhofe, pretty conservative guys -- they supported it, so I'm not too worried that there's anything too dangerous there. Not much gets by either one of them.

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