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Obama: Benghazi Attack Due To "Just Some Sloppiness, Not Intentional"

DAVID GREGORY: Let me ask you about a couple of foreign policy notes. After the attack in Benghazi is there a need for more accountability so that this doesn't happen again? And do you know who was behind the attack at this point?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Two points. Number one, I think that Tom Pickering and Mike Mullen who headed up the review board did a very thorough job in identifying what were some severe problems in diplomatic security. And they provided us with a series of recommendations. Many of them were already starting to be implemented. Secretary Clinton has indicated that she is going to implement all of them.

My message to the State Department has been very simple. And that is we're going to solve this. We're not going to be defensive about it. We're not going to pretend that this was not a problem. This was a huge problem. And we're going to implement every single recommendation that's been put forward.

Some individuals have been held accountable inside of the State Department and what I've said is that we are going to fix this to make sure that this does not happen again, because these are folks that I send into the field. We understand that there are dangers involved but when you read the report and it confirms what we had already seen based on some of our internal reviews; there was just some sloppiness, not intentional, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies.

So we're doing a thorough-going review. Not only we implement all the recommendations that were made, but we'll try to do more than that. With respect to who carried it out, that's an ongoing investigation. The F.B.I. has sent individuals to Libya repeatedly. We have some very good leads, but this is not something that I'm going to be at liberty to talk about right now.

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