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Krauthammer: We Know As Much About Hillary's Concussion As We Know About Chavez

“We haven’t heard anything. We know as much about her concussion as we know about (Venezuelan president) Hugo Chavez. This is an open society, she is the secretary of state, she has disappeared,” said Krauthammer, who called the media’s handling of the Benghazi story since Sept. 11 “astonishing.”

“Everything that you hear about the Benghazi affair is not true,” said Krauthammer, pointing out a new report that revealed four State Department employees who were forced to resign over the security failures at the U.S. Consulate are actually still being paid.

“Is there anything that they’ve told us about this affair – a serious affair, four dead Americans, a sacked embassy, and the first assassination of an ambassador in 30 years – that has turned out to be so? As of now, nothing.” (via FOX News Insider)

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