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Rep. Tim Scott On Fiscal Cliff: "Onus Right Now Is On Senator Reid" And Obama

Senator-designate Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) insists the House and Speaker John Boehner have been leaders on legislation to stop the U.S. from going over the "fiscal cliff."

Asked whether the House's rejection of Speaker John Boehner's "Plan B" amounted to a vote of no confidence and whether Boehner should step aside as a result, Rep. Scott defended Boehner and predicted that he "will be the Speaker next year without any question."

"The onus right now is on Senator Reid and the president to come up with a solution, make it a piece of legislation, pass it through the Senate, present it to the House and let's get back to the bargaining table," said Scott. "All year long we've seen from the leadership in the House at least a clear line of what we're willing to do. What we haven't seen come out of the Senate yet is a single piece of legislation that addresses the crisis."

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