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Scarborough: Extremists Leading GOP To "Absolute Catastrophe"

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I'm going to put this poll up again. And this is very instructive, by the way, for my Republican friends at home. When I put unfortunate facts out, there are people that will say in the Republican party, 'Oh, you're a RINO.' That's like telling your doctor he's not a real doctor because he tells you you've got cancer that's going to kill you unless you take care of it. And that's what I've been doing on this show for years now. Harold Ford Jr., right now 53% of Americans believe my Republican party is too extreme. Fifty-three percent. Two years ago, only two years ago, that number was at 36%. This is a party that is heading towards just absolute catastrophe.


SCARBOROUGH: Highlighted by what happened in the past week. One of the most traumatic events in this nation's -- in my lifetime, over 49 years, was met with complete and utter silence by one political party. Complete utter silence. Because they're afraid that a small fragment of NRA members that believe the federal government is coming to kick down the door and kill them and seize their property, because they're afraid of that contingent!

It makes me so angry that they are destroying their party because of these extremists. And they cannot speak out to the extremists! They want to negotiate. They want to bargain. They want to fight about contraception! This was taken care of in 1965. They want to debate on assault weapons and these high magazine clips! Instead of talking about cutting taxes, creating jobs for middle-class Americans, making sure that kids have a chance to go to safe schools. Making sure that even though they're struggling, their older kids have a chance to go to a good college, that they've got a chance to at least get a job, as good as the job that their Dad had 20 years ago! What's wrong with the extremists in this party? What's wrong with our party leadership? (Morning Joe, December 21, 2012)

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