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Krauthammer: Obama Has Succeeded In Fracturing Republicans And Creating A Civil War

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think that the statement that we just heard from the Congressman calling his own people chuckleheads shows that the president has won. I argued a month ago that -- from the president perspective -- this was never about fiscal issues, economic issues. The proposal he's offering today, like the deal, the Plan A he offered, will do nothing on deficits. Absolutely nothing, it perpetuates it.

He had one objective. He came off a winning election, but he still had a recalcitrant House. He wants four years where he can have his own agenda that he can enact. He would be stopped by the House the same way the House stopped it in the last two years. What to do? To destroy the Republicans, to fracture them and to create a civil war in the House, which he has done. And how do you do it? By insisting, as he did, this is extremely clever, tactically on his part. Insisting that the one thing that they had to agree to was an increase on tax rates.

If having only interested in the budget -- fiscally balancing it -- he would have said I don't care how you get the money. You could do it through exemptions and deductions. But he insisted on rates, not because there is an economic issue, because it was a way to have the House divided. You'd have them calling each other 'chuckleheads' and you'd have a Speaker who not deposed is extremely weakened. And this sets him up for the four years in which he can have his way over Republicans who are right now in a civil war in the House.

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