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Dean: Belief That Taxing Incomes Over $250,000 More Will Solve Deficit Problem "Just Not So"

HOWARD DEAN: As you know, I believe the country would be better off if we went over the fiscal cliff. We would get enough revenues to be serious about balancing the budget. We'd get some defense cuts, which Congress will never vote for otherwise. We will get some human services cuts, which I don't like, but you know, we're in a deep hole here and everybody's going to have to put something in the pot. The truth is the belief that millionaires or people who make more than $250,000, if you tax them more that's going to solve the deficit problem, that's just not so. So I think it would be better for the country if we go over the fiscal cliff. And I'm not sorry this has failed. But I do not think this has helped John Boehner's speakership. (MSNBC's The Ed Show, December 20, 2012)

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