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Sen. McConnell: Obama "Wants To Soak Everybody"

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding the need for Senate Democrats to finally take action to prevent a massive tax hike at the end of the year:

“I want to start out today with a little context.

“For more than a year, President Obama and Democrats in Congress have known as well as I do that every single taxpayer is scheduled to get slammed with an automatic tax hike on January 1. And for an entire year they’ve been running out the clock.

“Think about it: for President Obama, there is no better outcome than for taxes to go up on everybody — everybody. Why?

“Because the only way to pay for the big government this President wants is by raising taxes on everybody — the super-rich, the rich, middle class, lower class, you name it.

“If all you do is whack the so-called rich, you only get enough money about a week of government. So let’s be clear about something: he wants to soak everybody. That’s the only way to do it. And that is exactly what he gets if we do nothing. If that wasn’t obvious before this week, it should be perfectly obvious now.

“Here we are less than a week before Christmas, and what’s this President doing?

“What’s his quarterback here in the Senate, the Majority Leader doing?

“They’ve been playing Lucy and the Football with the American people for months. They’ve said no to every single proposal that’s been offered to avoid this tax hike — including their own. They’re running out the clock. Moving the goal posts. Sitting on their hands. They aren’t doing anything.

“Well I say ‘Enough’. Enough. The time for games is over.

“This President may want to soak the American people to fund his vision of a social welfare state. But we’re not going to let him do it.

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