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Rubio: "Great Hypocrisy Of The Left" Is Idea Of Taxing To Get Less Of Something

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): Look, it's not the business owner, directly, that's going to get impacted. It's the people that work for them that are going to lose their jobs. They're going to lose hours, they're going to lose benefits. The cost of these tax increases will be paid by the workers and the employees of these small businesses.

And here's the other point, and this really exposes the great hypocrisy of the left. They claim that tax increases have no impact on the economy or how people behave. Well then why are they in favor of cigarette taxes? Why are they in favor of a carbon tax? Why are they in favor, they say, of lowering the corporate tax? Because they recognize that if you tax cigarettes, people will smoke less. They recognize that if you tax carbon people will produce less of it. The more you tax something the less people will do it. And so the bottom line is, it does have an impact.

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