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Dean: "Sensible" To Go Over Cliff; We Get Deficit Reduction, Fairer Tax System And Defense Cuts

ROBERT REICH: There is no logic here, Lawrence. There is a tactical approach that unfortunately is going to fail because Boehner is not going to get Republicans for this, he's not going to get Democrats for this. We're going to get closer and closer to the fiscal cliff. The only alternative out there is proposed by the president, and actually I think going over the cliff is probably better.

HOWARD DEAN: I think the most sensible thing is to go right over the fiscal curb, as you say. We get more deficit reduction, you'll get a fairer tax system out of it and you'll finally get some defense cuts, which we haven't seen. Can we stay on the defense cuts for one second? You know, a couple weeks of ago they ordered new uniforms for all the chauffeurs in the military. I think we can probably cut defense.

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