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Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton "Seems To Have A Severe Benghazi Allergy"

KRAUTHAMMER: Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton calls this a diplomatic illness. And we heard from Victoria Nuland (spokesperson for the United States Department of State) that it's a bad bug. I think that it's perhaps a Benghazi allergy. She seems to have a severe Benghazi allergy.

Five days after the attack, she was not there to address the American people. She sent out someone whom the president himself had no idea, was not involved at all in Benghazi. And now that she is supposed to speak to the Congress about this, she has this illness now. I'm not going to say she doesn't have one. I'd be happy to give her neurological exam, but in the absence of that I'll take her word. But there is something strange about this. She did say ostentatiously, I take full responsibility for the attack in Benghazi. She said that during the campaign, which is completely and utterly meaningless. What does that mean? In Britain, when there was an invasion of Falklands, the foreign secretary resigned over it, even though it wasn't his fault. As a matter of principle, if it happens on your watch, you resign. That obviously isn't going to happen in her case, but she won't even speak about it, which ought to be the minimal requirement. I think that is incumbent on her to do.

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