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Greg Gutfeld On Gun Control Politics

GREG GUTFELD: I wonder if those who believe in gun-free zones would announce their habitats as gun free? Evil seeks the vulnerable. It looks to kick between the armor. And so I ask, why can't a school be as protected as 30 Rock? Is a talking head more valuable than a child? But what do I know? I'm a talking head. I know nothing. As rare as these horrible events are, evil will be always be. Addressing mental health issues helps as well as our culture's obsession with evil. What's up with that? And maybe the media eggs this on, whispering mortality to the loser. Each creep has the same M.O. yet we report it like it's new. Maybe it's time to ponder instead of pontificating. Nobody is listening anyway because they've heard it all before, and tragically, will hear it all again.

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