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Boehner Offers "Plan B" To Avoid Cliff: Increase Taxes On Incomes Over $1 Million

GOP: Republicans realize that in order to avert the coming fiscal cliff, a balanced approach is necessary. The president, however, does not seem to agree. Even though the negotiations with the White House continue, Republicans are ready to ensure that taxes will not go up on any Americans making one million dollars a year or less.

“Our hope continues to be to reach an agreement with the president on a balanced approach that averts the fiscal cliff. What we’ve offered meets the definition of balanced but the president is not there yet,” he said. “The White House offer yesterday was essentially $1.3 trillion in new revenues for only $850 in net spending reductions. That’s not balanced in my opinion.”

“I continue to have hope that we can reach a broader agreement with the White House that would reduce spending as well as get revenues on the table. I think it would be better for our country but at this point having a backup plan to make sure that there are as few American taxpayers who are affected by this increase as possible. Moving down that path is the right course of action for us,” Boehner said.

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