December 18, 2012 Archives

December 18, 2012 Archives

Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton "Seems To Have A Severe Benghazi Allergy"

KRAUTHAMMER: Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton calls this a diplomatic illness. And we heard from Victoria Nuland (spokesperson for the United States Department of State) that it's a bad bug. I think that it's perhaps a Benghazi allergy. She seems to have a severe Benghazi allergy. Five days after the attack, she was not there to add

Piers Morgan vs. Gun Advocate Larry Pratt

Exec. Dir. of Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt debates guns in America with CNN's Piers Morgan.

Chris Matthews: Why Don't We Outlaw Semi-Automatic Guns?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Here's the question: Back then the Congress had the guts to outlaw automatic weapons, machine guns. Basically they did. They were heavily regulated, heavily regulated, almost to the point of you don't find them around. Here is the question: why can't Congress do the same thing with semi-automatics? I know we have got millions of th

John Bolton: Hillary Clinton Has A "Diplomatic Illness"

FMR. U.N. AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON: I think that she is going to have to testify at some point and, you know, every foreign service officer in every foreign ministry in the world knows the phrase that I'm about to use. When you don't want to go to a meeting or a conference or an event, you have a 'diplomatic illness.' And this is a diplomatic illness

Robert Reich: Obama Has Compromised Too Much On The Fiscal Cliff

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich reviews President Obama’s evolving position on the fiscal cliff with “Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer. Reich believes that Obama and the Democrats hold all the power when it comes to the ongoing negotiations and that the president has already given in on too much. “Not only is [Obama] lifting the

Greg Gutfeld On Gun Control Politics

GREG GUTFELD: I wonder if those who believe in gun-free zones would announce their habitats as gun free? Evil seeks the vulnerable. It looks to kick between the armor. And so I ask, why can't a school be as protected as 30 Rock? Is a talking head more valuable than a child? But what do I know? I'm a talking head. I know nothing. As rare as these ho

Carney: Obama Open To Supporting New Gun Laws

Press Secretary Jay Carney says the White House wants tougher gun laws but admits they're only part of the solution. "He is actively supportive of, for example, Sen. Feinstein’s stated intent to revive a piece of legislation that would reinstate the assault weapons ban," White House press secretary Jay Carney said during his daily briefing.

Perry: "You Should Be Able To Carry Your Handgun Anywhere" In Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) expressed support for allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom after they go through training. "With our concealed handgun license, if you go through the process and you have been duly backgrounded and trained and you are a concealed handgun licensed-carrying individual, you should be able to carry your handgun an

Pelosi: Idea To Raise Taxes On Incomes Over $1 Million Was Ploy "To Smoke Out The Republicans"

ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, Speaker Boehner says that you, in fact, suggested something similar to his Plan B back in your letter of May 23rd, whudd suggest that the tax cut apply to everyone below $1 million. NANCY PELOSI: Yes, well, I'm glad he's taking up some of my suggestions. And my next suggestion would be to put something on the table, as we

Carney Pressed On Why DOJ Told Not To Pursue Weapons Ban For Sake Of House Democrats

The White House is pressed by Jake Tapper on the DOJ was told not to pursue weapons bans because of House Dems. Tapper: In the first year, the Obama Administration and Attorney General Holder were going to take action, on regulating guns, and the President's Chief of Staff told them to shut up. Actually, he added a couple words in th

Norah O'Donnell Grills Rahm Emanuel Over Obama's Gun Control Record

(CBS News) "President Obama always stood for getting something done," Rahm Emanuel said on "CBS This Morning." Co-host Norah O'Donnell, however, pointed out that the pro-gun control organization, the Brady Campaign, rated the president w

Santelli: Now That Taxes Are On The Table, Time To Talk About Spending

RICK SANTELLI: Of course, of course, everyone around every water cooler is talking about the fiscal cliff, outside of those horrible issues in Connecticut and you know our heart bleeds for these families. The sequestration that was put in place was put in place for a purpose, to create something so unruly that only sensible people, of course, would

NBC News' Richard Engel Recounts Being Kidnapped In Syria

After being held captive for five days in Syria, NBC’s Richard Engel and his team recount being ambushed and blindfolded before being freed at a checkpoint.

Boehner Offers "Plan B" To Avoid Cliff: Increase Taxes On Incomes Over $1 Million

GOP: Republicans realize that in order to avert the coming fiscal cliff, a balanced approach is necessary. The president, however, does not seem to agree. Even though the negotiations with the White House continue, Republicans are ready to ensure that taxes will not go up on any Americans making one million dollars a year or less. “Our hope co

Mark Levin: "How Come Obama Did Not Mention Fort Hood?"

MARK LEVIN: Over the weekend, the president was speaking and, really, when he got to his politics it was just stomach turning. There he is, in the middle of that little town … and he named four instances in where there were, what, massacres? But he left one out. I immediately realized -- and my brother emailed me too -- what happened to Fort Hood

O'Reilly: What Do We Do About Violent Evil?

O'Reilly says there is "very little" America can about people with mental illness. "Our freedoms dictate that we cannot warehouse people who are strange," O'Reilly says. They must commit a crime or do something destructive to themselves before they can be taken into custory." O'Reilly then goes on to discuss statistics on gun cri

"Special Report" Panel On The Media Coverage Of Newtown

Bret Baier reads a viewer's letter on the media coverage of the Newtown shooting and then asks the panel for their thoughts. Charles Krauthammer says that there is too much coverage and that "there is nothing you can say in words that will be adequate to the task." However, he also says that "silence is not an answer that society will ac

Maddow: Daniel Inouye: An American Hero

Rachel Maddow updates her audience on a few other political stories that it might have missed on Monday. She reflects on the death of Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye and recounts his heroic actions during World War II. Senator Inouye earned the Medal of Honor while fighting in Italy in the European theater. He lost his right arm to German g

Matthews: A Cliff Deal Can Be "A Powerful Catalyst For Boosting Business Confidence"

Chris Matthews talks about the fiscal cliff and says he is hopeful that a deal will be worked out between President Obama and Speaker Boehner. He also thinks that getting a deal done on this issue can lead to more deals in 2013. Matthews: "I am also hopeful that we can use the success of the deal between Obama and Boehner to go for big,

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