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David Brooks: "I Think If We're Going To Control Guns, We Really Have To Do It Massive"

DAVID BROOKS, PBS NEWSHOUR (5:55 in video): I would -- just purely in the political -- the politics of it, a few points. First, gun ownership is way down. It's -- we are at a historic low.

Second, oddly -- and I'm not sure why -- I don't have any explanation for this -- support for gun control laws has dropped significantly over the last 20 years. I'm not sure why that is.

The third point is that these kind of shootings historically have had no effect on public opinion in the gun debate. And then I guess my final point would be, I think if we're going to control guns, we really have to do it massive.

I think I'm all for getting rid of the assault weapons and machine guns and all that tough, but if we want to prevent something like this, we have to really think seriously about drastically reducing the number of guns in our society, and particularly -- this is an old Patrick Daniel Moynihan idea -- the number of bullets. It is very hard to control 300 million guns. The bullets are a little easier to control. (h/t Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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