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Krauthammer: "Boehner Is Going To Have To Decide How He Capitulates"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Unfortunately it seems to be an abstraction. When you offer people real cuts they generally will say, 'No, I don't want them. I want cuts that will cut somebody else.' Let me make two points on you reporting. The idea that the readout that this was a 'frank' discussion. Well, frank is a word they use in diplomacy. When it was used in the Cold War, when Kennedy would meet Khrushchev and they would announce that the meetings were frank, people would restock the bomb shelters.

So that is as cold a word you can get. It means nothing happened and they might even have been angry. The other part of this is the progress on these negotiations. I likened it last night to a tortoise 10k. So let me do a SportCenter on the new developments. The Republican tortoise has advanced neck length, the Democratic one hasn't moved. In fact some observers think it's dead. It hasn't moved in a month. Obama is not going to move, he's not going to offer anything. Boehner is going to have to decide how he capitulates.

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