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Dan Rather On Susan Rice: Obama "Made A Lot Of Tough Talk, Didn't Back It Up"

On tonight's broadcast of MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow" show, guest Dan Rather was disappointed with President Obama after Susan Rice decided to withdraw herself from Secretary of State considerations. Rather said Obama talked tough, but didn't back it up.

"He indicated in his press conference just after the election -- he made a lot of tough talk, didn't back it up," Rather said. "So there are people who say, 'Listen, the kind of leader we want is one who will fight to the finish, never give in.' On the other hand, one could make the case that President Obama has said to himself, 'Yes, I could probably force this to a vote, and win the vote. But it would cost me down the road.'"

"But I think it raises very, very serious questions about what the president's second term is going to be," Rather added.

"Talk is cheap, it's what you do that counts," Rather said to a confused Maddow, who made the case that Obama had done enough.

Rather added that this shows Obama can be "rolled" by Republicans in the future.

"What has happened today plays into the perception, the perception that has been growing among the Republicans that, in street language, President Obama can be rolled for his wallet and his watch. He's not a guy that's going to put up much of a fight," Rather said.

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