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Matthews: Media Tried "Too Hard To Be Even-Handed" During Election

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "Let Me Start" with this tonight. Did you get the impression during the presidential campaign that the press was trying too hard to be even-handed? Did you think the people delivering the news were pushing what we call balance at the expense of the obvious facts, that the day-to-day stories never got across the obvious big fact, that the Democrats in this election were like Democrats going back to Jack Kennedy? But the Republicans were far to the right of anything we've seen from that party ever? Self-deportation, forget the 47 percent, treat women like they belong in binders. Ignore the rights of gay people, crack down on abortion rights even in cases of rape-- all those wild statements, all the lingo in the GOP platform approved in Tampa, and not a word that one of the country's two major political parties has gone so far starboard that not even Ronald Reagan could get aboard, and certainly not -- not by his own admission Jeb Bush.

So tonight we're going to nail it. We go to the truth, and why was the truth that dared not be reported in the mainstream media?

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