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Carville On Hillary: "The Pressure On Her To Run Is Going To Be Enormous"

CARVILLE: "I think she has distinguished herself. I think she’s -- four years in that job is forever. Understand, four years as Secretary of State - in dog years, human years to dog is 97 - well, being Secretary of State in political years, you know, one years is like four. So she’s been doing that for 16 years. I mean, her daughter is starting a career, you know, might be raising a family here at some point. And she's got a lot of different things that she can do, but I think the pressure on her to run for president is going to be enormous because I’ve not met a single Democrat that's not said let Hillary run in 2016. We don’t want a primary. Let’s just go get this thing done. That’s the attitude across the country. And I think she’s going to hear that. In fact, I know she is. The people asking her and the pressure on her to run is going to be enormous.” (Imus in the Morning, December 13, 2012)

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