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Kristol: "Get Tax Issue Off The Table" And "Let The President Own It"

CHRIS WALLACE: Let me just ask one question about what we will now henceforth call the Kristol scenario: Which is that they'll end up passing the halfway cave, a limited cave on tax rates. That doesn't avoid the fiscal cliff, does it?

BILL KRISTOL: It avoids the tax side of the fiscal cliff. There's still a spending problem. Most of those cuts in spending are fine with me, except for defense. But there, the president seems to have no interest in us having a strong defense, and so again, I guess we can litigate that next year. There will be plenty of other opportunities to debate all these spending, defense and entitlement issues next year. My view is get the tax issue off the table, it's the weakest one for the Republicans right now. Let the president own it and we'll have a bunch of other debates next year.

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