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George Will: "Quite Literally, Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Dying"

"As equal protection," George Will said in response to This Week host George Stephanopoulos' assertion that gay marriage may be protected by the Constitution. "Peter Finley Dunne, a great American humorist, created a man named Mr. Dooley, who famously said the Supreme Court follows the election returns. This decision by the Supreme Court came 31 days after an election day in which three states, for the first time, endorsed same-sex marriage at the ballot box, never happened before. Maine, Maryland and the state of Washington."

"Now, the question is, how will that influence the Court? It could make them say it's not necessary for us to go here. They don't want to do what they did with abortion. The country was a constructive accommodation on abortion, liberalizing abortion laws. The Court yanked the subject out of democratic discourse, and embittered the argument," Will said on this Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week.

"They may say we don't want to do that, we can just let democracy take care of this," Will said of the Supreme Court. "On the other hand, they could say it's now safe to look at this because there is something like an emerging consensus. Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying, it's old people."

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