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Carville On Hillary: Every Democrat I Know Says "God, I Hope She Runs"

CARVILLE: Since 1944, if we would have been sitting here, Republicans have always craved order. And they've always looked for the lion tail to get behind. We've always been people that we want to fall in love. We're looking for the next argument.

This is entirely different. Every Democrat I know says, "God, I hope she runs. We don't need a primary. Let's just go to post with this thing. We don't want to fight with anybody over anything."

The Republicans, they need a fight. Somebody's got to beat somebody. Somebody's going to -- and beating Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann don't count. You got to beat somebody good. You got to go through the difficult process...

CARVILLE: Yeah, you've got to beat somebody. And the Republicans know that they need a primary. We don't want -- we don't want a primary. We don't want to be slugging this thing out (inaudible) you know what? We've got a pretty good demographic deck. We kind of get -- we like winning presidential elections. She's popular. Let's just go with it.


CARVILLE: I don't know what she's going to do, but I do know this: the Democrats want her to run. And I don't just mean a lot of Democrats, I mean a whole lot of Democrats, like 90% across the country. We just don't -- we just want to win, we think she is the best person and shut it down. And that's across the board.

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