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Napolitano: DeMint Will Be Able To Bring Libertarians Back In The GOP

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I was as surprised as Juan and Byron were and you and people watching, but I agree with Juan and Byron and Erick Erickson. Jim DeMint is a classic, traditional, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan conservative Republican, none of this George Bush compassionate conservative mealy-mouth stuff. He really believes that the states have a role in government, that the individual is greater than the state, that the government should shrink.

He's now the most powerful Republican in town. He has an extraordinary megaphone. This is not inside the beltway story. This is a Jim DeMint is the leader of the conservative Republicans in the country story. And they could haven't a nicer, more true to core values, or more articulate spokesman than they have as of today. Ask me if I'm happy.


NAPOLITANO: Well, I know he gave you that very typical, humble and diplomatic answer. But I think a lot of people when they learn of his views and ability to articulate them will come to him and ask him to run for president. He also will do something that a very few other Republicans will do: bring the libertarians back in the Republican party. He understands the enormous number of them, between 5 to 10 million, depending what poll you look at and how many votes you calculate. And he embraces a lot of views that the libertarians embrace as well.


NAPOLITANO on influence of the Tea Party: Because John Boehner is a afraid of them, that's why he kicked them off important committees. In terms of the heartland, I think the Republican voters want real Republicans, they don't want middle of the road compromisers. And Jim DeMint is a real Republican.

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