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Obama Dismisses "Cable News" Attacks On Susan Rice

JULIANNA GOLDMAN: Just one final question. In the midst of all the partisan bickering on the economy, there's been another highly politicized flare-up. Have Republicans' attacks against U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice sort of boxed you into a corner? Would it be - would it look like a sign of weakness if you did not appoint her to secretary of state?

BARACK OBAMA: No, I - you know, I don't really spend a lot of time on, you know, what folks say on cable news programs, attacking highly qualified personnel like Susan Rice. I'm going to make a decision about who's going to be the best secretary of state, given we've got a changing world, and there are great opportunities for the United States to show leadership around the world. There are a lot of challenges and dangers, as well. And I'm going to make sure that we've got a full national security team that can give me the best advice possible and do everything they can to keep the American people safe. And Susan Rice has done a great job as U.N. ambassador, but I haven't made a decision about secretary of state.

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