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Carney Dismisses Boehner Offer As "Magic Beans And Fairy Dust"

QUESTION FROM ED HENRY: How can it be good government, then, when Speaker Boehner puts a plan on the table and this White House says it's so ridiculous, in your words, that you're not even going to do a counteroffer. Where's the leadership to say, 'Okay, we don't like that, but here's a counter?' Why can't you put something else on the table?

JAY CARNEY: It's a couple sentences -- it's not a plan to say that we're going to magically increase revenues through loophole closures and deduction caps with not a single element of specificity. So we don't know who pays, we don't know what we're talking about in terms of actual legislation to increase revenues. It's magic beans and fairy dust. The president has put forward specific proposals. Look, I acknowledge that not with any great specificity, there's a little more meat on the bones in terms of their proposals on the spending cut side. When it comes to revenues, it doesn't meet the test of balance or the necessary test of specificity.

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