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Pat Buchanan: Obama's Fiscal Cliff Offer Is Full Of "Contempt"

On this weekend's edition of "The McLaughlin Group," panelist Pat Buchanan says President Obama's fiscal cliff offer, which was laughed at by Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, shows he has "contempt for Republicans." Buchanan suggests Republicans should go over the cliff if they can't extend the Bush tax cuts or the payroll tax cut.

PAT BUCHANAN: This was an offer of contempt, it was a manifestation of contempt for the Republicans to do something like that. And what Democrats are saying behind it is, 'You Republicans are more afraid of going over the fiscal cliff than we are, and you know it, and that's why we can drive it to the wall.' They are seriously mistaken.

What Boehner should do is extend the Bush tax cuts, vote in the House. Extend the payroll tax cuts. Tell Mr. President, 'You've got them there. We're not going to have you point a gun to our head and make us violate our principles and make us raise taxes, which we don't believe will work. We are not that terrified of going over the cliff. You have will have to take us, sir, because we're giving you the way out.' At that point, I think you're negotiating hand is far stronger and, frankly, if you have to go over the cliff.

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