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Carney: "It Would Ruin The Fun" If I Gave Away All Of Obama's Fiscal Cliff Plans

White House press secretary Jay Carney says it "would ruin the fun" if he divulged details of how President Obama plans to win support for his fiscal cliff plan to raise taxes on the top earners in the country.

"I will stick to the general principle that communicating with the public on this issue and others is very important, but I don't have any travel announcements to make today," Carney said when asked if Obama plans to travel around the country to promote his ideas.

Carney was then asked if the White House plans on bringing in everyday people or using Twitter hashtags to promote their fiscal cliff plan.

"I would simply say that all of here, I think, have a better and clearer understanding about how to engage the public in these important policy debates because these policy debates are about the American people. They are about the American middle class and everyone, on an issue like this, has a deep interest and stake in the outcome. And we will continue to bring the American people into these debates using a variety of means," Carney said.

"It would ruin the fun if I gave you all the details now," Carney said after several questions about what the White House plans to do to push their fiscal cliff message.

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