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Union Chief Warns Democrats Not To Oppose Obama: "Remember What Happened To Blanche Lincoln"

On MSNBC's "Ed Show" tonight, Leo Gerard, head of the United Steelworkers Union, warned Democrats not to compromise at all on the fiscal cliff. Gerard said any Democrats who does get weak knees isn't a "real Democrat." and suggested they will suffer the same fate as former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln. Lincoln lost the general election in 2010 after she wasted a lot of her resources fighting off a more liberal challenger in the primary earlier that year.

"The best compromise is that the Republicans ought to start to understand that they're the ones who have caused this mess by trying to hold up the president's agenda for four years. Democrats don't need to compromise. The president won on an economic agenda that included rebuilding the manufacturing base, fixing the infrastructure, letting the Bush tax cuts expire, not for the bottom 98%, but for the top 2%. And any Democrat that gets weak knees on that isn't a real Democrat. And they ought to remember what happened to Blanche Lincoln," Gerard said.

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