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Krauthammer: Hamas "Very Adept At The Pornography Of Grief"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The Israelis always end up the ones looking on the wrong side of this because the world media are on the Palestinian side. And the Gaza Palestinians, Hamas, [are] very adept at the pornography of grief. They are quite useful. They kill civilians on the other side, as terror groups do, but they also invite the killing of their own people as a way to win the propaganda war. That's why they put the weaponry, their rockets and their ammunition under houses, under schools, under hospitals and under mosques. They know the Israelis have to attack the weapons. That inevitably despite the incredible scrupulousness and skill with which Israel targets its attacks, there's always going to be a rocket that will go awry and then they will be able to show all that on television.

But it seems to me that on the larger strategic issue, I'm not as optimistic as my colleagues are on the Egyptian role. Morsi has been inciting his people against Israel and the president of Turkey has been calling it a terrorist state. So they are isolating Israel rhetorically. The reason that Morsi, at least is talking about working on his cease-fire, is because he is worried about the Congress in the United States cutting off aid, without which the new government he leads is not going to be able to do anything and might collapse. They're in economic chaos in that country.

So it's our role, in fact, to keep him in line by threatening to withdraw our aid on which he lives. But I'm not sure how capable he is. Even if he promises to monitor the smuggling of weapons and not allow it in the Gaza, even if he says he won't allow that. And they will police the border between Egypt and the Gaza, I'm not sure he can or he will. We may get a paper agreement, but I'm not sure it will hold at all.

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