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Sherrod Brown: Dems Received "Strong, Strong Message To Move Forward"

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on large Democratic gains in the U.S. Senate: "It means, I think the Senate will have more backbone. When I see people like Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) that are joining us and Mazie Hirono (D) from Hawaii.

"I think that the Senate will -- I talked to Jeff Merkley today -- will see a difference in filibuster rules, so that we can actually enact what the country wants us to, working with the reelected president. I think that we'll see just a stronger, progressive move in this country where John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are going to have to listen a little more than they have to the voters.

"They said that there was a mandate in [2010] when they won. It's pretty clear this year, as you said in the beginning of the show, the pick up in [Senate], unbelievable. This is the most members of the Senate in one party, 25 Democrats were elected out of, I believe, 33 races this year. That's more than any year in either party since 1964. And that's a strong, strong message to move forward."

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