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Levin: Krauthammer, GOP Pundits Embarrassing Themselves On Immigration

Mark Levin responds to calls from conservative commentators, like Charles Krauthammer, to grant amnesty to illegal immigration in order to entice Hispanics to vote Republican. Levin explains why this won't work and what a slippery slope amnesty would be. (Mark Levin Show, November 8, 2012)

MARK LEVIN: You know, I've always known this, but I'm coming to the conclusion yet again that Republican leaders are really stupid people. And I'm coming to the conclusion that are an awful lot of stupid people posing as commentators on cable TV. I mean, where do these people come from?

Now, this immigration issue. How did this become the big issue after the election? It had nothing to do with the Republican loss.


LEVIN: I want to talk to Charles Krauthammer, who I like very much. I want to talk to all these GOP talking heads all over TV, some of whom are my friends, most of whom clearly are not. And all the rest of the Republicans who are falling into the race pandering and race politics stuff and sound stupid, and look stupid, and are embarrassing themselves. And are going to destroy the Republican party or what's left of it.


LEVIN: We have these commentators, so-called conservative Republican commentators, they turn on a dime when it comes to illegal immigration. And they say, 'Hey, we need to grant amnesty to millions of people and that will entice, particularly Hispanics, to vote Republican.' Now keep in mind what I just said about what we've been arguing about: the massive welfare state, dependency, which is a problem. Because the current makeup of citizenry in this country, we are, at least temporarily, outnumbered. And then these commentators say that amnesty will entice particularly Hispanics -- they're focused on -- to vote Republican. Really?

So, let's wait a minute here. If we grant 20 million people amnesty tomorrow, guess what? They're still not citizens, they don't get to vote. So how would that help? 'Well, because other Hispanics will take note and credit Republicans with conferring amnesty on those Hispanics.' Really? And isn't the next demand citizenship and the right to vote? Since it will be said that amnesty creates, in essence, second class citizens? Of course it will! Not so simple then, is it?

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