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Malkin: Obama's "Politically Correct, Jihadi-Coddling" Admin Needs To Be Exposed

Syndicated columnist and NY Times #1 Best Selling Author Michelle Malkin offers her assessment of the Obama administration in light of recent information now being released regarding the Iran/drone Incident that occurred prior to the November 6th election.

"These people have been responsible for massively, collective, systematic truth suppression. And it's not just the White House that has to answer for this, but the lapdogs in the media. I would like to know, where there any outlets that were informed of this and then told to keep it quiet? The same way we know that many journalists were apprised of Benghazi and then kept quiet about it to serve this campaign's needs before the election," Malkin said on FOX News' "Hannity."

"This administration, and this candidate, and this president was forced to see signs from people reminding them that they will not forget the 7 hours of hell that the murdered Americans went through before they perished in Benghazi. And it's the same thing with the Camp Bastion attack which I raised questions about, on behalf of murdered Marines in that case. And the lack of security, questions about rules of engagement that have been compromised by this political correct, Jihadi-coddling administration," Malkin later added.

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