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Krauthammer Gives Election Post-Mortem: GOP Needs To Be Open To Amnesty

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Bill [Kristol] is right, you don't go after them the way that the president did. He did successfully, but with a pander to every constituency. What you do is make the case for free markets, less regulation, et cetera, and you show people how thats done. I think this panicked idea that somehow the Republicans are now a party of white people alone [and] can never regain the majority, I think is wrong.

They had a candidate who was a good man, but he was not the most fluent in making the case, which won the Republicans a smashing success in 2010. Smaller government, opposition to Obamacare, et cetera. And they have a young generation, a bench, of very strong [candidates]. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, the list is long of young people who can and will lead and who are intrinsically, philosophically conservative who can make that case.

There is one exception here, which I think is Hispanics. And that is not an intrinsic ethnic affinity problem, it is a policy problem. The Republicans are -- Romney ran right of Rick Perry in the primaries on that issue. He never recovered.

I think Republicans can change their position, be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. Amnesty, everything short of citizenship. And to make a bold change in their policy. Enforcement and then immediately after, a guarantee of amnesty. That would change everything. If you had a Rubio arguing that it would completely up-end all the ethnic alignments.

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