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Coulter, Ingraham Debate How Romney Lost The Election

ANN COULTER: I think Romney ran just on his own force of will, a magnificent campaign. I think he was the perfect candidate.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Are you kidding me? You think he ran a magnificent campaign?


INGRAHAM: On what basis are you saying that? He got his clock cleaned. How did he run a magnificent campaign, Ann? I can’t believe Ann Coulter, who is a truth-teller on issues from the economy to social issues to racial demagoguery is saying that Romney ran a magnificent campaign with Eric Fehrnstrom and Stu Stevens at the helm. How can you possibly conclude that?

COULTER: No, I said that he did. I didn't say that the campaign was magnificent. It was better than Ronald Reagan's. There were no … Romney didn't -- they had to start gaffes out of thin air. Romney is the first Republican candidate I've seen where I don't get nervous when he talks. He's a beautiful speaker, he's articulate, he has an articulate vice president. Something Reagan certainly did not have. He was so good in the debates, as I knew he would be.

He had a serious plan for fixing real problems. He concentrated on jobs, that was the important issue. He concentrated on the economy, we have more than 8% unemployment. People are suffering, the country is in disarray. If Mitt Romney cannot win in this economy, then the tipping point has been reached. We have more takers than makers and it's over. There is no hope.

You say change the consultants. That's not a hopeful analysis.

(via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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