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Chris Matthews Apologizes For Saying He Was "Glad" For Hurricane Sandy

MSNBC's Chris Matthews, at the top of his show "Hardball" on Wednesday, apologized for saying he was "glad" for Hurricane Sandy.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I was on last night for ten hours straight from 5:00 in the evening till 3:00 in the morning. At a few minutes to 3:00 I said something terrible. I said that I was glad about the coming of tropical storm Sandy because of its impact on this national campaign. It was a terrible thing to say, period.

I can say it was because I was tired but the fact is I wasn't thinking of the horrible mess this storm has made of people's lives up here in New York and elsewhere. It's not until you read the local newspapers around here that you see and know the horror this has wreaked on people's lives.


MATTHEWS: I said something not just stupid but wrong. What I should have said is how impressive it is for people in trouble and how they react to see politicians working together across party lines, as they did during tropical storm Sandy and how people like to see that. Instead I said something that suggested ends justifies means. Something I have never believed in my life and even thinking that way, I think is an immoral way to live your life. Bad is bad. Good is good. There is no confusing the two. I said something bad about something bad when I should have said something good about something which I do believe is good. People charged with public responsibility, working together for the people their elected to represent. Look, I intended to take serious steps to show I'm sincere on this.

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