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Maher: "Last Night Was A Victory For Pot, For Gay Marriage And For Math"

HBO's Bill Maher opines on President Obama's winning a second term and other ballot issues on MSNBC's "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. Maher also weighed in on changing demographics, ObamaCare and "the bubble" he claims conservatives live in.

"Last night was a victory for pot, for gay marriage and for math. You know, these people have denied facts and math. And one of the big arguments they put forward for not doing anything about health care was, 'Why are we messing around with the greatest health care system in the world?' I don't know, maybe because the U.N. ranks it 37. You know, outside the bubble there are facts. I know they're not in the Bible but can't we use them sometimes?" Maher said on "Hardball" tonight.

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