November 6, 2012 Archives

November 6, 2012 Archives

Krauthammer: "Obama Won But He's Got No Mandate"

Charles Krauthammer opines on President Obama's victory. Krauthammer: I know enough about psychiatry that I don’t get between Karl Rove and the decision desk. I’ll leave the titans to fight it out. It is pretty clear that -- the chances are infinitesimal that Romney could pull this out. I think the real story here is that Obama won but he’

Karl Rove vs. Michael Barone On Calling Ohio For Obama

Karl Rove argues with Michael Barone and FOX News' decision, along with all major news outlets, to call Ohio and the race for President Obama.

Palin: Obama Win "A Catastrophic Setback To Our Economy"

“Oh, well, I’m disappointed in some of [the race outcomes], of course,” FOX News personality Sarah Palin said the network tonight. “Still, cross my fingers, waiting to hear about Ohio because we know that’s paramount — the road to the White House for Romney. And yet, the realization at this point is that those Bain Capital ads that vote

Howard Fineman: Wisconsin Unmoved By Paul Ryan

MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman explains why Paul Ryan didn’t appeal to the Reagan Democrats in the Rust Belt.

George Will: Marco Rubio Is Tonight's Winner

GEORGE WILL: "During the Republican nominating process, the party turned first to one person and then to another to try and avoid what turned out to be inevitable. If there's a winner tonight, it's the Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio because all eyes are now going to be turned to him as a man who might have a way to broaden the demographic app

Chuck Todd: "The Republican Party Has Serious Soul-Searching To Do"

CHUCK TODD: The story of this election is -- I know some Republicans are going to talk about Sandy. The story of this election is demographics. The Republican party have not kept up with the changing face of America. That explains Florida, that explains what's going on in Colorado, that explains, frankly, what's going on in Virginia and North Carol

Exit Poll: Auto Bailout Popular In Ohio

According to exit polling data, 59 % of Ohio voters approved of the auto bailout, which could be a tipping point among white working class men for President Barack Obama.

CNN: How The GOP Kept The House

CNN's Mark Preston explains that 20 of the most important races for the House are ready to be called for Republicans.

MA-Sen: Scott Brown Says He's Leaving Dysfunctionality

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) concedes the race to Elizabeth Warren (D).

MO-SEN: Claire McCaskill Addresses Supporters After Win

Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, once predicted to dramatically lose her seat in the U.S. Senate to challenger Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., has held on to her seat in the senate. McCaskill spoke to supporters to celebrate and thank them for their support.

MO-SEN: Todd Akin Concedes To Sen. McCaskill In Missouri

PBS: At one point considered a sure win for Republicans in Missouri, Todd Akin lost the senate race to his Democratic challenger Claire McCaskill. After making controversial comments about rape, Todd Akin lost the support of many within the Republican Party and failed to overcome the negative response to his comments. Akin concedes in this speech t

TX-SEN: Ted Cruz Wins Texas Senate Seat

Former Texas Solicitor General and Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz won the open U.S. Senate seat in Texas left vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. This follows a surprise upset in the GOP primary when Cruz won the nomination over Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren Addresses Supporters After Win

Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren defeated Sen. Scott Brown in the tight Massachusetts Senate race. Warren addressed supporters on Election Day after polls closed and victory became clear.

Howard Dean: Only Way Obama Loses Is If Through Voter Suppression

"Given the vote and the leading in the polls in Ohio, the only way he can lose is if people are prevented from casting their ballots. Either by voting machines that aren't functioning right or other forms of harassment," former DNC chair and presidential candidate Howard Dean said on MSNBC Tuesday morning.

Moore: Founding Fathers Suppressed The Vote; Calls It A "Founding Principle Of This Country"

On MSNBC's "Last Word" tonight, activist and filmmaker Michael Moore discussed what he believes is the origins of voter suppression and how to get people who aren't going to vote to change their minds. "Voter suppression was one of the founding principles of this country. Our Founding Fathers suppressed the vote by saying only white male propert

Four More Years: President Obama Wins Second Term

CNN's Wolf Blitzer projects that President Barack Obama has won reelection. Every other major broadcast and cable network has projected President Obama won enough electoral votes for another term.

CNN's John King: Swing State Counties To Watch

CNN's John King breaks down the counties in Virginia, Ohio and Colorado that will be critical on Election Day.

Obama Calls Woman Who Doesn't Know Who He Is

President Obama is not recognized by a potential voter he called to make sure they come out and vote. "I don't think she knows it's me right now," Obama said about the call. "My name was Barack Obama, you know, the president of the United States," he reminded the caller.

Dick Morris: 90% Chance Romney Wins, 60% Chance It's A Landslide

Dick Morris once again reaffirmed his prediction that Mitt Romney will win by a landslide. This time he shared what he thinks is the likelihood of a Romney win and a Romney landslide. On FOX News' "America Liv

Jon Stewart Rips Political Pundits For Election Predictions

Daily Show: Television pundits and former Republican presidential candidates make election predictions for which they will not be held accountable.

O'Reilly: Voting For Obama Is "Risky"

O'Reilly looks at the choice Americans face in the presidential race.

Shrum: Voting Lines Are A "Poll Tax"

Chris Matthews and his panelists discuss the election in Florida.

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