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Ann Coulter Predicts Lower Turnout For Obama Due To "Bradley Effect"

ANN COULTER: Screw the polls. Give me a break with this. The polls basically have these states -- it's a tie. It's a tie. Whenever you have a tie, a, the Republican wins; whenever you have a tie, totally separately, the challenger wins. Also, separately, you have the Bradley effect. When you have a white man running against a black man, and there is a tie -- more now than ever before because Americans are afraid to say they're voting against Obama because they'll be accused of racism. That is the point.

HANNITY: By Chris Matthews?

COULTER: By the entire NFM (Non-FOX Media). I mean, if you're a Tea Partier, you're a racist. If you're against Barack Obama, you're a racist. If you're against the stimulus bill …

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