November 5, 2012 Archives

November 5, 2012 Archives

Krauthammer Gives Romney 3 Paths To Victory In Electoral Prediction

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer gives his electoral projections on the night before the election. KRAUTHAMMER: People are talking about how difficult and narrow the Romney path is. I think it's not. You've got to start with one thing -- he's going to keep a solid South. I have every confidence he's going to win in Florida, in North Caro

Mitt Romney Interviewed On ESPN's "Monday Night Football"

Mitt Romney spoke to ESPN's Chris Berman about the campaign trail, sports and running the 2002 Winter Olympics. "You see people who when they're pushed to their limit are able to dig extraordinary deep ... with determination, and passion, conviction, sometimes patriotism, loyalty to their teammates. It's a place where you see what is beneath the

President Obama Interviewed On ESPN's "Monday Night Football"

"It's interesting. Political reporters are a lot like sports reporters," President Obama said in an interview with ESPN during halftime of Monday Night Football the night before the election. "You lose a game, and you're a bum. You win a game, you're a god. "And, the truth is, just like in sports, in politics, we're all human," Obama said. "We m

Ann Coulter Predicts Lower Turnout For Obama Due To "Bradley Effect"

ANN COULTER: Screw the polls. Give me a break with this. The polls basically have these states -- it's a tie. It's a tie. Whenever you have a tie, a, the Republican wins; whenever you have a tie, totally separately, the challenger wins. Also, separately, you have the Bradley effect. When you have a white man running against a black man, and there i

Rove, Trippi Talk Final Electoral Map Projection & Share Personal Maps

Karl Rove sums up the final electoral map: 96 polls in 31 states. 10 states toward Romney. 13 toward Obama. Wisconsin goes from toss-up to Lean Obama. Trippi predicts Obama will win with 303 electoral votes while Romney collects a total of 235. Trippi gives Obama every swing state except North Carolina and Florida. Rove predicts Romney w

Cutter: Pennsylvania Has Tightened, Definitely Competitive

"We're not taking anything for granted, Anderson. You know, Pennsylvania has tightened, absolutely. You know, if I were working on the Romney campaign, I'd probably be giving it a shot, too," Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said on CNN tonight.

"Special Report" Panel Grades The Candidates' Closing Arguments

Brit Hume, Steve Hayes, Kirsten Powers and Chris Wallace does a premortem on Tuesday's presidential election.

Sen. Boxer: Women Will "Come Home" To Obama, Democrats

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA): "The undecided voters are mostly women, and they are looking at this and they're very smart at the end of the day. They're going to come home to President Obama and the Democrats because these guys who are running, and I include Mitt Romney, who think so little of women and they're judgment, who have so little respect for

Rapper Jay-Z Replaces "B*tch" With "Mitt" In Song At Obama Event

JAY-Z at Obama rally, 11/5/2012: I changed the lyric of this song, it goes like this: “If you're having world problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one." I didn’t get that vetted, so let’s do this real fast before they come up here and snatch me off this stage. Help me out.

Romney: Tomorrow, We Come Together; Wednesday, We Get To Work

"Now, tomorrow on November 6th, we come together for a better future. And on November 7th, we'll get to work," Mitt Romney said at a campaign rally on Monday.

"Daughters For Obama" Video Uses Kids To Push For Abortion Rights

From the YouTube description: Daughters ask their mothers to make the right choice so when they grow up they, not the government, will be able to make choices about their health and their bodies. A few months before I was born, my grandmother got pregnant. She was well over 50, and had two grown up sons including my father. She did not want to h

Pro-Life Obama Heckler Handcuffed, Dragged Out Of Rally By Police

A pro-life heckler hijacked an Obama campaign rally in Cincinnati on Sunday. He was removed and dragged out by the police.

Dick Morris Stands By Prediction: Romney Will Win 325 Electoral Votes

Dick Morris appeared on a special Sunday broadcast of FOX News' "On the Record" with host Greta van Susteren to reaffirm his prediction that Mitt Romney will win Tuesday's presidential election in a landslide. Morris discussed the states he b

Melissa Harris Perry: "Privileges Of Patriarchy" Still Seductive To Some Women

MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry: "I'm convinced there's a group of women for whom the so-called privileges of patriarchy are still quite seductive. The idea of what you need is sort of a strong man who will just sort of give you cover. 'Don't worry, honey, I know you don't want to work.' Right? Rather than a sense of, again, that full citizen equality

Howard Dean Expects Obama Victory: Iowa And Ohio Should Do It

"I do expect that we're going to win. I do expect that we're going to have an advantage. I think we're going to win Iowa and I think we're going to win Ohio. And that should do it," former Governor and DNC chairman Howard Dean said on MSNBC's "Last Word" on Sunday.

Gibbs On Election: "We Feel Pretty Good About Where Things Are"

"I know, from our campaign's perspective, we feel pretty good about where things are. Obviously what's left now, I'm in Wisconsin, we're about 47 and-a-half hours from the polls closing -- it's all about getting our voters out to the polls all day on Tuesday," Obama senior campaign adviser Robert Gibbs told CNN's Piers Morgan on Sunday. "I feel ver

Cutter: Concept Of Romney Winning Pennsylvania "Not Based In Reality"

"It can be expanded," Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said about the electoral map. "I don't think there's any objective evidence that Mitt Romney has been able to expand that map. The thought of him going into Pennsylvania and winning Pennsylvania is just not based in reality."

CBS Releases Unaired Footage Of Obama Refusing To Call Benghazi A Terror Attack

The above video is from a September 12 interview "60 Minutes" did with President Obama in the wake of the terror attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. CBS decided against airing this segment in their original broadcast but released it on Sunday night, just two days before the election. In the interview, Obama would not clearly say whet

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