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Rove Predicts Romney Wins By 2% Margin, Around 280 Electoral Votes

"I do think this. I think there is something going on out there and we saw it in the Des Moines Register poll today," Karl Rove said on "Hannity" tonight. "The woman who runs the Des Moines Register poll, who knows that state intimately, said, 'well, wait a minute, Obama is ahead, but five percent of our sample said we've got a choice and we're not telling you who it is.' I doubt those people are for Obama."

Rove says he believes Pennsylvania is in play and American Crossroads has spent $2 million in the state.

Rove also slams Paul Krugman for accusing him of using his position at American Crossroads to cushion his bank account. Rove says he doesn't take a penny from the money he receives for the Super PAC and pays for everything, including travel expenses, out of pocket.

"He used to be interesting," Rove said of Krugman. "Now he just drives his column and doesn't even bother to pick up the phone and say, 'Is Karl Rove deriving a salary?' But you know what? I'm proud to be a volunteer, as are millions of other people helping change this country."

Rove says he believes the race will be very close, but predicts Romney gets between 279 and 286 votes in the electoral college and wins the popular vote by 2 to 2.5%.

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