November 4, 2012 Archives

November 4, 2012 Archives

Palin: Revenge A "Poor Tool To Build A United And Hope-Filled Nation"

"Revenge is a very poor tool to build a united and hope-filled nation and for a president to encourage anyone to exact revenge via their vote is pretty much the antithesis -- certainly of what Mitt Romney is representing and standing for in this election. And that's a great question -- revenge against who? Against what?" Fmr. Gov. and vice-presiden

George Will Predicts Romney Wins Big, 321-217

GEORGE WILL: I forgot my exact number. I guess you have a graphic here. I guess the wild card in what I've projected is I'm projecting Minnesota to go for Romney. Now, that's the only state in the union, because Mondale held it -- native son Mondale held it when Romney was -- when Reagan was getting 49 states -- the only state that's voted Democrat

Krauthammer: "Revenge" Comment Is "A Mistake Obama Will Regret"

"I think it clearly has affected the race," syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer said about Hurricane Sandy on Sunday night. "We speculated about this in the beginning, on Monday, but now the numbers are in. If you look at the race last Monday, right before the storm, clearly, Romney was still on a roll. His momentum wa

Rove Predicts Romney Wins By 2% Margin, Around 280 Electoral Votes

"I do think this. I think there is something going on out there and we saw it in the Des Moines Register poll today," Karl Rove said on "Hannity" tonight. "The woman who runs the Des Moines Register poll, who knows that state intimately, said, 'well, wait a minute, Obama is ahead, but five percent of our sample said we've got a choice and we're not

Romney Campaigns In Pennsylvania: I'll Bring Real Change On Day One

"This audience and your voices are being heard all over the nation, they are being heard in my heart," Mitt Romney said at a campaign event in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. "The people of America understand we are taking back the White House because we're going to win Pennsylvania!" As estimated 25,000 to 35,000 people attended the event. (source:

Biden: "I Think That We're Going To Win Clearly"

MATTHEWS: Last question, how close is it going to be on Tuesday night? BIDEN: Look, I don't want to jinx myself. But -- MATTHEWS: Well, then don't. What do you think is going to happen? BIDEN: I think that we're going to win. I don't think it's going to be close in the Electoral College. I think we're going to win clearly and I think you

Chris Matthews Suggests Romney Hitting Obama Over "Revenge" Remark Is Racist

"It's always been the undercoating of this campaign ... that ethnic talk. This talk about revenge is of a piece with that. We grew up with it, we thought we got past it. It's there," Matthews said on Saturday night's broadcast of MSNBC's "Last Word." Obama

Michael Barone: Romney To Win Election

Michael Barone explains why he believes Romney will win handily on Tuesday on FOX News' "Huckabee" program. Barone expects Romney to win Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Ed Gillespie: "The Map Has Expanded"

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard David Plouffe's assessment of the battlegrounds right now. They believe they're in a strong position with that Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin firewall, and you heard him say that you all are playing defense in Virginia and Florida and a desperate ploy in Pennsylvania. Your response? GILLESPIE: You know, four years ago -- it's --

"Face The Nation" Roundtable: Winner Will Lack Mandate To Govern

CBS: On "Face the Nation" a roundtable of political analysts agreed that the election winner is impossible to call because of the closeness of the race, and because the outcome is likely not going to be a landslide, the winner will not be able to govern with a mandate. A second panel of Leslie Sanchez, Anna Greenberg, Stu Rothenberg, Lar

"Meet The Press" Roundtable Breaks Down Election's Final Days

The Meet the Press panel discusses the end of the election.

NBC's Guthrie: Sandy "Handed" To Obama "Seemingly From Above"

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Yeah, and it can change on a dime if people start feeling that the federal response isn't what it should be. But, look, when you have a race this tight, things like a hurricane, this can move the needle when you're talking about a race that's so close. And I think it was an important moment for the president because in the last th

Plouffe: Romney's Late Push For Pennsylvania A "Desperate Ploy"

PLOUFFE: Well, first of all, George, we have a great organization in Pennsylvania, much better than Governor Romney's. We've been working there for two years. So we've got a great organization, great volunteers. Listen, this is a desperate ploy at the end of a campaign. I mean, to win Pennsylvania, Governor Romney would have to win two-thirds of

"SNL" On Bloomberg & Christie's Response To Hurricane Sandy

SNL takes a light look at the Mayor and Governor's different responses to Hurricane Sandy.

Axelrod On Romney Expanding The Map: "They're In Deep Trouble"

"They understand that they're in deep trouble. They've tried to expand the map because they know in states like Ohio -- they're behind and they're not catching up at this point," Obama chief campaign adviser David Axelrod said on "FOX News Sunday" today. "They understand that the traditional, or the battleground, states that we've been focusing

"This Week" Roundtable: Election Predictions

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Matthew Dowd, Donna Brazile, Ronald Brownstein.  

Schoen & Caddell On Tight Race, Trends Leading Up To Election

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) discuss the tight race, recent polling data and more in the final weekend before election day. (via Johnny Dollar)

"FOX News Sunday" Panel Performs A Pre-Mortem On The Election

Brit Hume, Joe Trippi, Karl Rove, and Jeff Zeleny speak with Chris Wallace about the last week of the election.

NYT's Jeff Zeleny: "Real Sense Of Enthusiasm For The Romney Campaign"

Jeff Zeleny of the NY Times says there is a real sense of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney is the closing days of the campaign.

Portman: "We've Got The Momentum" In Ohio

Romney surrogate & Ohio Sen. Rob Portman on Governor Romney's closing strategy to win Ohio.

Larry Sabato Grades Media's Campaign Coverage On "Reliable Sources"

As the 2012 presidential race comes to an end, Larry Sabato gives Howard Kurtz his assessment of how the media performed.

Rahm Emanuel: "I Think Pennsylvania Is Secure"

Former WH Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the final days of the race and the president's closing message.

Clinton: American Military Now "Less Racist, Less Sexist And Less Homophobic"

BILL CLINTON: One of the things the decider-in-chief has to do is decide whether he’s going to bring this country together across all its diversity or let it drift apart. Look at how much stronger the American military is because it is less racist, less sexist and less homophobic and we’re just looking for people who can do the job. Clinton

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