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Romney: Vote For "Love Of Country," Not "Revenge"

Campaigning in Newington, N.H., on Saturday, Mitt Romney again went after President Obama's remark a day earlier that his supporters shouldn't boo the GOP nominee but vote, because "voting is the best revenge."

Mitt Romney: Yesterday, the president said something you may have heard by now. That I think surprised a lot of people. Speaking to an audience, he said, 'voting is the best revenge.' He told his supporters voting for revenge... Let me tell you what I'd like to tell you. Vote for love of country. It is time we lead America to a better place. Now, if there's anybody there who's worried about the last four years, and wondered if they're the best we can do, ho fears that the American dream is fading away. If anyone wonders whether good jobs and better take-home pay are out there. I've got it clear and unequivocally, America is about to come roaring back.

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