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Dick Morris: Romney Will Win In A "Landslide"

DICK MORRIS: In Florida, the [New York] Times says Obama is going to win by 1. But their sample has 7 points more Democrats than Republicans.

Pollster John McLaughlin and I went through the actual results of the last four elections and on average, the Republicans had 1% more than the Democrats. So that poll is off by a factor of 8. So instead of Obama winning by 1, Romney would win Florida by 7.

In Ohio, Obama is shown winning by 5 in the Times poll. But they had 8 points more Democrats than Republicans and historically, there are only two points more Ds than Rs. So that's 6 points off. So instead of Romney losing by 5, he wins Ohio by 1.

And in Virginia, they have Obama winning by 2. But they have 8 points more Democrats than Republicans and historically there's one points more Republican than Democrat. That's off by a factor of 9, Romney wins Virginia by 7.

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