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Andrea Mitchell Criticizes Romney For Gathering Donations For Red Cross

On MSNBC this afternoon, anchor Andrea Mitchell ripped Mitt Romney for gathering donations of food and clothes, among other items, to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy at an event in Ohio today.

"How do they handle this? And then you have the image of Mitt Romney, doing what they say is not a campaign event, in the same space they were going to hold a campaign event. They say they are making collections for hurricane and storm relief," Mitchell ranted on her MSNBC program today.

"Chris Cillizza, first to you," Mitchell continued. "We checked with the Red Cross. The Red Cross said, well, they are always grateful for donations, but this is not what they need or want. That they always tell people, please donate money, because we have our own packagers, wholesalers. They have their own distribution system. And to now get these canned goods from the Romney event in Ohio, and have to first package it--used clothes, they have to clean, they can't go directly to victims. So, what they need is donations of blood and donations of money. It does seem like a thinly veiled -- why Ohio? Why choose Ohio for?"

"Because the storm is not in," Cillizza said, before being cut off by Mitchell.

"Not in Ohio?," she said.

However, earlier today, Ann Romney did urge donations to the Red Cross at a campaign event in Wisconsin.

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