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Greg Gutfeld: "Why Can You Politicize Bin Laden And Not Benghazi?"

“So, you know that TV movie about killing bin Laden which airs two days before the election?” Greg Gutfeld said on Thursday's broadcast of "The Five" on FOX News. “It’s now re-edited to make the president’s role more prominent. According to The New York Times — a paper — Obama-backer Harvey Weinstein, who owns the rights to the film, personally stepped in to help recut it to strengthen Mr. Obama’s role. Weinstein and director John Stockwell deny that the changes are politically motivated.”

"Look, we already know Romney is running not just against Obama, but against the Hollywood arm of his own publicity machine. That’s as clear as the nighties in Kimberly [Guilfoyle]’s closet," Gutfeld said.

“But, it raises questions why can you politicize bin Laden and not Benghazi?” Gutfeld later said. “Obama takes credit for one and avoids responsibility for the other. And what happens if this films triggers mob violence? Will Weinstein be arrested? He’s been silent on the subject of free expression while the anti-Muslim filmmaker sweats in jail. Perhaps Harvey could keep him company. Heck, they could watch the movie together.” (via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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