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Sen. Boxer: "I Was So Touched And Moved" & "Almost Teary-Eyed" By Obama's Debate Performance

“I thought when he (Obama) turned to him and he said, ‘Governor, when I went, I didn’t go with donors. I went to Yad Vashem. I know what 'never again …' I’m not quoting him exactly there. I was so touched and moved that I really was almost teary-eyed. And he talked about how he went to a settlement where kids had seen the dangers there and the strikes that were aimed at some of these settlement," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Cali.) said on Current TV's Joy Behar program on Tuesday night.

"So I was very touched and thought in every area that you had mentioned, the president came across the way he truly is. Which is a strong leader with a sense of confidence and purpose," Boxer also said.

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